Sales Support

Our extensive support strongly promotes your sales activities

PCA business software packages are delivered to customers through office automation distributors and volume personal computer retailers as well as through accounting firms, organizations, and other such sources. These are valuable partners that connect customers and PCA, and PCA works through sales bases deployed throughout Japan to maintain close relations with sales partners while also supporting them in proposing solutions to customers. We use sales assistance methods such as accompanied sales calls, storefront demonstrations, deployment of campaigns, hosting seminars, participation in exhibitions and trade fairs, and the use of promotional tools, as well as a system for certifying instructors of various kinds. Through activities like these, we establish close relations with local communities while pursuing activities that further extend people's understanding of PCA products.

Sales support through nationwide sales bases

  • Sapporo Sales Office
  • Sapporo Lab
  • Sendai Sales Office
  • Kanto Sales Office
  • Headquarters and Tokyo Branch
  • Yokohama Sales Office
  • Shizuoka Sales Office
  • Nagoya Branch
  • Hokuriku Sales Office
  • Yamanashi Techno Center
  • Osaka Branch
  • Chu-Shikoku Sales Office
  • Hiroshima Sales Office
  • Kyushu Sales Office

High-quality sales support provided by multiple certification systems

PCA-certified sales partners support all levels of talks and consultations before and after installation of business software. We provide sales support to be certain of gaining customer satisfaction. Completing all certifications will improve the sales partner's ability to provide guidance and will contribute to effective operation of the software.

PCA-certified instruction partner (corporation)
A corporation that has one or more members who are PCA-certified instructors (individuals) and that PCA has recognized as having the capability to conduct a useware business.
PCA-certified instructor (individual)
An individual who is thoroughly knowledgeable about PCA software and who PCA has recognized as being able to provide appropriate consultation and installation guidance suited to the user.
PSIP: PCA Systems Integration Partner (corporation)
A sales partner that PCA recognizes as instilling confidence and possessing a solid record of accomplishment that make it capable of providing comprehensive support for building systems, including add-on customization of PCA Dream21.
PSCP: PCA SaaS Contact Partner
A sales partner that is specialized in cloud computing and is participating in the PSCP program, which was started in anticipation of significant future expansion in the cloud services market.