Customer Support

Everything is for the peace of mind of our customers

The true merits of business software come into action when steady management is enabled. That’s why a relationship of close contact with our clients begins from the moment that PCA’s business software is installed. PCA provides the appropriate customer assistance according to the content of the support, with advisors to respond to concrete queries, guidance provided by instructors aimed at steady operation, the hosting of seminars in which condensed advice on mastering basic use is given, and more. We support customers on a variety of fronts, and lead them to the successful introduction of business software.

Enquiries center, customer advisory center

Free-dial telephones for dedicated support are installed. A dedicated advisor will answer customers’ uncertainties and questions about our software. Moreover, our website features an exhaustive FAQ section, and we aim for the easiest and quickest resolution of any issues that may arise.

PCA Useware Packages for worry-free support

Once a customer has introduced PCS software, we offer the PCA Useware Packages to help them use the software with peace of mind. Instructors with a thorough knowledge of PCA and its products visit your office, and provide face-to-face instruction. We have a range of packages available to meet the content of the support required, including installation and network building.

Provision of support that is one cut above the others

PSS membership system(annual maintenance contract system)
The PSS membership system is a support service in which PCA promises to give special support to ensure that our software can be used with ease of mind. The enhanced system includes a free-dial dedicated telephone line, free provision of programs to deal with revisions to the taxation system and legal standards (excluding alterations accompanying major program alterations), and provision of information through the distribution of information magazines and members’ newsletters.

Training seminars held across Japan

At the PCA seminar rooms located in various cities across Japan, we hold seminars that help customer to master the basic handling of PCA business software. Instructors give readily understood lectures about various software aspects including master registration, voucher input and the creation of different types of forms.