Creating Value

In a society undergoing change, PCA holds the lead in creating new value

Society is continually undergoing change.

The environment surrounding our industry is also giving rise to new needs and issues as laws, regulations, and institutions change, as Windows and other operating systems and hardware evolve, as new media emerge, and as awareness and values change. In 1980, PCA marketed Japan's first accounting software in a package. That was the dawn of IT, when personal computers began to be introduced to corporations. The product we announced was itself the result of a sensitive reaction to the shift to a new paradigm, the shift to IT. We will go on to develop new markets through technical innovation, looking ahead to discern what lies beyond the new changes ahead of us. That is how it always was when we began, and that is how it will always be in the future.

A lineup of products finely tailored to customers' needs.

We meet the demands of key accounting programs with our Jiman series and X series, which are geared to a corporate scale, and PCA Dream21, which is an integrated ERP software package. Our lineup also includes products matched to a wide range of business types, including non-profit corporations, sales management, purchasing and inventory management, payroll accounting, human resource management, and other software tailored to more specific tasks. These provide our customers with the optimal services that they need. We support business in all its settings.

PCA Cloud: Cloud services started ahead of the industry

In 2008, PCA inaugurated PCA Cloud, a cloud-based service that allows users to access data centers over the Internet and use PCA software that has been installed on rented servers. This eliminates the need to purchase and manage servers, and allows the use of necessary business software as required. This enables even smaller business offices to make efficient use of business software. The service can be used from business trip destinations or from home, and allowing users to change to more advanced software as their business grows it is currently the subject of wide interest.

The ultimate software package, PCA Dream21 supports the dreams of the growing corporation.

Taking two and a half years from its conception to its birth, the PCA Dream21 represents the coming together of all PCA's technical capabilities. Launched in 2001, the PCA Dream21 takes every kind of business software there is for every business unit and integrates them in a single package of high-end business software. It has a unified master integration program, and it enables installation and operations management for each data integrated module. This enables greater efficiency and more strategic operation, and means it can also be customized to fit the needs of the enterprise. With improvements added to it through the years, today it supports large numbers of growing corporations.

The research and development division has fostered specialists in every field

Experts in all the various specialized fields, such as databases, components, user interface, and security and so on, are in charge of development. PCA has adopted a research structure that concentrates these and develops one final business software package. We incorporate leading-edge technology in product development to deliver business software that always leads the industry, and in this way earn the trust of customers.