Executive Message

Fumiaki Sato President

There was once a time when accounting software ran on expensive office computers, and for the small-to-medium-sized enterprises that form the backbone of Japanese business it was a difficult to introduce, dream-like tool. In 1980, during those days when the use of software to manage business was not a widespread concept, several accountants came together with the aim of developing a software package that could run on personal computers, and that small-to- medium-sized enterprises would be able to install. What resulted was PCA.

PCA responded aggressively to new technology and changing circumstances, providing products that did not yet exist on the market. From our earliest days we fought off our competitors to become pioneers in equipping software with automatic sorting functions, software adaptable to consumption tax, networks, Windows and clouds. This pioneer spirit is a PCA tradition, and was the PCA corporate culture from its foundation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new trend in the constantly evolving IT sector, and ever since the initial research stage practical goods and services in this field have gradually started to be provided. Meanwhile, as the birthrate declines and the number of elderly people increases, legal systems closely connected to our daily lives such as the taxation and social security systems are changing. In response to this, work-life balance, ways of working and how to interact with society are coming under reexamination.

Now, at the very point at which our society is seeking to change, we find ourselves in an era that seeks to entrust operations management to software so that human resources can be placed in divisions that need to be more competitive. Given our corporate ethos of “customers first” our mission is to provide issue-solving services that go beyond the mere provision of business management software, and contribute to the growth of our clients’ businesses. We aim to become a management support company by continually providing next-generation products and services for the times with the focus on an excellent management foundation and financial base. The conventional packaged software business has already entered an age of maturity, but PCA intends to continue taking on this challenge in the hope that we can be an entity that stands at the lead of changes caused by innovation in the industry where we operate.

Fumiaki Sato