Executive Message

The times are always changing.
We want to stay upstream of those changes.

In 1980, the year when PCA CORPORATION was founded, accounting software already existed, but this software ran on expensive office computers and only some corporations were able to adopt them. In an era when the use of software to manage business was not a widespread concept, several accountants came together with the aim of developing a software package that could run on personal computers and that small to medium-sized enterprises would be able to install. What resulted was PCA.

PCA responded aggressively to new technology and changing circumstances, providing products that did not yet exist on the market. The pioneer spirit is a PCA tradition, and was the PCA corporate culture from its foundation. Now, PCA is leading the industry in developing and providing cloud services with software that operates remotely over the Internet. Users of cloud services engage in remote operation of software they access on shared servers located in data centers. This model is expected to become the mainstream of future services, and it features overwhelmingly lower cost and advanced security. PCA has left the rest of the industry far behind in this field of cloud services. The pioneer spirit is still alive and well today.

This is an era that seeks to entrust operations management to software so that human resources can be placed in divisions that need to be more competitive. Given our “customer first” corporate philosophy, our mission is to help our customers expand their company business by means of operations management software.

What we do does not end when we have made a sale. We are committed to strengthening our business model of providing high-quality service and support in the course of a long-continuing relationship with our customers. We aim to become the leading company in the industry by continually providing next-generation products and services for the times with the focus on an excellent management foundation and financial base. The conventional packaged software business has already entered an age of maturity, but PCA intends to continue taking on this challenge for as long as there is still innovation in this industry.

Manabu Mizutani (Certified Public Accountant)
President and CEO